Everest Poker Review

Everest Poker is where it all began for this reviewer and believe me when I say that the site was a great stepping stone to getting me to where I am today, the site is solid, the software is easy to navigate and the game selection was perfect for a player like me who was only looking for Texas Hold’em Poker as they only offer that and Omaha Poker action on their site, albeit in a strong fashion.

The support team have been nothing but helpful with queries that i have had and problems that I have experienced while playing on the site and with further plans to increase the appeal of the site, Everest Poker are definitely a site that should be considered by anyone new looking for online poker action without the risk of professional sharks waiting for them at the poker tables.

Traffic to the site is solid for a poker site of its size and even thought the UIGEA regulations were brought into action back in 2006, this site has been one of the few that has actually seen an increase in traffic without the need to offer US based gaming due to their software offering multiple language options at the time of setup.

Once you have joined and accessed the site, you will be quick to see why the site is growing in popularity, with the high mixture of loose and aggressive players that are gracing even the highest of stakes, making this site a strong, skilled player’s dream location as a firm strategy will result in profitable sessions should you be able to avoid the draws that often plague the regular poker sites.

Overall the site is a great starting place for any player or even for a strong player looking to increase his online poker worth by taking the funds of the very loose players that await you at the site, a world apart from the likes of PokerStars and 888 Poker.


Everest Poker Software

Everest Poker have made the bold step to break out of the mould and have decided to find their home within their own network, meaning that they have more freedom to offer you new and exciting games should they take the time to think about some.

The lobby of the site is big and bold as well as being easy to navigate, meaning that even as a first time player of online poker, you will easily be able to find your way to the poker table of your choice, the games clearly highlighted within tabs so that you can filter out either the Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker games that aren’t of interest to you.

The movement in terms of graphics on the site is fluid and smooth, meaning that you see every movement of the cards within the hand, so there will be no lagging or magically appearing cards at the table as I have seen on a few of the sites that simply didn’t make the grade to be added to the site.

One of the better aspects of the software, when compared with sites similar in size, is that the cashier area is easy to work and navigate, there is no confusion so I was able to deposit and withdraw whenever I wanted, so no unwanted distractions or instructions needed to do what i wanted to do.

Overall the software is firm, fluid and one that i would recommend to anyone looking for something different from the more hard-faced poker rooms like PokerStars.


Everest Poker Bonus and Promotions

Having spent time and money on the site I am glad to say that Everest Poker really have got their online poker bonus offering right this time, originally when I joined the site I was greeted with a first deposit match bonus up to $600 but having spoken to the site and hammered out a more impressive deal for any of the players that join Everest Poker through Poker Bonus Codes, you can now get up to $1000 in free poker funds, they’ll match you all the way so dig deep and really take advantage of what the site has to offer.

To take advantage of the $1000 free Everest Poker bonus code, all you have to do is join the site through one of the links that we have provided and enter the bonus code USE LINK, then head to your account and make your first deposit.

Remember that the bonus amount that is on offer to you is completely related to the deposit that you make, so if you are in this for the long run, dig deep and take full advantage of the free poker money that they have to offer, you won’t regret it and you will be in profit should you play your cards right.

Promotions at the site are just like many of the other online poker rooms, they change on a monthly basis in order to keep thing fresh and exciting for both new and existing players but if you are looking for huge tournament action attached to their promotions, then you would be better of heading to a higher traffic based site, but remember that the more players playing, the more you have to beat to take the win!

So have you decided that you want to conquer Everest Poker yet? If so, why not try to get some friends to come join the site with you, not only will you get $50 for referring them to the site but they too can take advantage of the great offer that we have for you with the $1000 free poker bonus code.


Everest Poker Game Selection

Everest Poker’s game selection has to be one of the very few negative points that they have, but only because my poker variant armoury has grown over the years and that means that i want a little more mixed game action than they can deliver to me.

The site currently only operate Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker on the site, meaning that if you are looking for those styles of poker, you have the perfect home to play your poker at, but unfortunately if you are more of a seven card stud poker player, you will have to find an alternative site to call home, although the word on the street is that the site are looking to introduce this very soon.

The tournament section of the site is full with tournaments and there will be plenty that will take your interest but as already pointed out, if your thrill to to take down a poker tournament with more than a couple of thousand players taking a seat at the beginning, this isn’t the site for you but if you want quick tournaments with attractive prize pools and some of the easiest opponents that i have faced for a long time, it’s time to ante up!


Everest Poker Customer Support

Everest Poker was the place where my online poker journey began and this meant that I had loads of questions that i wanted to ask and not once did I get a hint of anger or general ill-feeling within any of the responses way back in the day, so when asked if i would return to the site to cover this review, i wanted to put the site through their limits.

I have to congratulate the support team at Everest as they were efficient and even seemed to know where the questions were going to lead and so they were really getting to understand the player that was asking the questions and clearly trying to ensure that I left with the result that I wanted.

The support team are only available by email at the moment which is something that I would love to see alter within the near future but with multi language support staff at the other end of your email, you will always get a clear answer from them in a language that you will understand.


Everest Poker Review

Everest Poker are an ideal poker room for both new online poker players and those that are looking to benefit from the wealth of loose players even at the highest stakes on the site.

My time on Everest Poker has been the most profitable that i have ever had on any online poker site thanks to the varying level of players that grace the higher stake real money games.

I would say that the only down side to the site is the lack of poker variant selection, but the money i have made speaks for itself and will keep me playing here.

Rating by Brandon Collins: 4.0 stars