Poker Bonus Types

Just as there are huge number of choices when it comes to choosing an online poker site that will best suit your needs, there are a number of poker bonuses that are also open to you when looking for a new poker site to play on.

Currently there are three main types of online poker bonus and these are either offered through a poker bonus code or credited to your account when you sign up to the site through a special link (like the ones that we have on here) that automatically adds the bonus code into your registration for you.

The reason that online poker sites are offering a variation of poker bonuses is due to the fact that different players require different incentives, for example a more seasoned player of the game would be more interested in rakeback offers than he would a first deposit bonus as they would be more likely not to need the additional boost of free poker funds online and they would get more value from getting a percentage of their generated rake back on a regular basis.

So what types of online poker bonuses are there in the poker market at the moment?


First Deposit Match Bonuses

First deposit match bonuses are possibly the most popular and most common form of poker bonus when it comes to new players as they tend to mean that a player’s chosen poker site match their initial real money deposit, up to a certain amount.

The sites that operate this form of bonus vary the amounts that they are willing to offer, with poker bonus codes like the Titan Poker Bonus Code offering you the chance to get a 200% first deposit match up to $2,000, meaning that you can get your hands on as much as $4,000 in free online poker money, subject to unlocking milestones.


Rakeback Bonus Deals

Rakeback is a name given to when an online poker site offers players the chance to overlook a deposit match bonus in favour of taking back a share of their lifetime rake generations.

‘Rake’ is the name given to the share of each real money pot that the site takes once the pot reaches over $1 in value, in which the site take a small percentage from every hand that meets that criteria.

Rakeback deals mean that at the end of the day the system automatically takes the total of the amount of rake that you have helped to generate for the site and they then recredit a specified percentage of those funds back into your playable funds within your account.

Generally the percentage of the amount of rake varies from online poker site to online poker site but there are sites offering as much as 40-50% while others offer 25%, so be sure to check out the rakeback deal on offer before signing up for these deals.


Instant Money Poker Bonus

This is a less common poker bonus but one that you will find at a small number of online poker sites, such as

The offer that the site are making at the moment is that they will give you a first deposit match bonus on your initial real money deposit but they will instantly credit $8 of that free poker money into your players account so that you can start spending some of your free money straight away.

The offer is not widely offered throughout the industry as there were a number of players previously that took advantage of instant fund bonuses and withdrew the funds the moment that they were credited into their playable account, meaning that poker sites all over the world were losing money with every person that took advantage of the offer.


Free Poker Tournament Entry Bonus Code

Many of the online poker sites like to try to offer you even more incentive than you will have seen before in the market and that means that they want to give you something a little bit extra.

Poker tournament entyr bonus codes tend to be used in conjunction with one of the other poker bonus types that we have already mentioned and mean that you are given the chance to join one or more of a specific multi table tournament through tournament tokens.

These deals are rarely seen within the present market state but we are working hard to negotiate with the poker sites that we have listed on our site to try to get them to bring them back for all the players that join their poker room through our site.