How To Use A Poker Bonus

With all the talk of getting more online poker bonus funds, there is a question towards the best way in which to use your free poker money so we thought that we would help you by offering ways in which you could use your free poker funding once you unlock it.

Although it can be tempting to simply build up the funds and then head to the high stakes tables with the hope that you can increase your bankroll with the free money that you have been given, but there are less risky ways in which you can invest the funds with the same goal of increasing your bankroll.

Here are just a few ways in which you could use your online poker bonus:


Play a big tournament

Many of the online poker sites that we cover on the site offer the chance to be able to play in some of the biggest online poker tournaments in the world and with large buy in fees, the return should you win the competition is much bigger than the money that you would be able to return from the real money tables unless you were playing the highest stakes.

Tournaments offer you the chance to be able to pay a fraction of the potential prize money to enter your registration into the player field and with tournaments offering as much as $1,000,000 on some of the sites that we list, you could win a life changing sum of money with your free poker funds.


Play multiple smaller tournaments

The risk that comes with playing high stakes is big but the return is also very appealing to online poker players and so which the rough comes the smooth, depending on your own mentality, maybe spreading out the bonus funds across a number of smaller tournaments, like sit and go tournaments, would be a better option.

This means that although you are winning a good return on your entrance fee to the tournament, the risk is much smaller than if you were to throw it all at one large tournament entry.


Withdraw it

Although it is not something that many online poker players think about, the choice to withdraw your full poker bonus once you have unlocked the funds would mean that you would be able to replace the funds that you initial invested, allowing you to continue playing with nothing but the profit that you have made during your time on the site.

Obviously this option is only available to those players that are able to earn the full poker bonus and that are still within profit of their initial investment they made when they joined the site and used their online poker bonus code.