How To Clear Your Poker Bonus Code

When you join an online poker room that is offering a first deposit bonus, you have to remember that the days of the money being instantly credited in full have now passed thanks to a string of players that were simply depositing into the site and withdrawing the additional funds, also known as ‘poker bonus whoring’.

The way that online poker sites have got around this now is that the free online poker money is credited into your players account in segments after reaching milestones that the site have set out, based on your activity on the site.

Clearing your poker bonus is simple, all you have to do is remain active on the site and generate player points, points that are given to you based on the amount of rake that you generate on the site.

Rake is generated in any real money pot that you are involved in that exceeds $1 and the higher that the pot climbs the more points that you receive with each hand that you play.

That means that to be able to clear your online poker bonus quickly and easily, you need to be looking to play at $1/$2 stakes as this means that for every hand that you opt to play, you are earning player points with every hand.

Generally we have seen that a session at the $1/$2 tables at the time of first joining the site means that we can clear the majority of the bonus cash milestones, with the full bonus of $500 unlocked within just a few sessions.


Is Clearing Your Poker Bonus Quickly The Best Way?

Although we have already told you that we were able to clear a full $500 first deposit match bonus within just a few online sessions, we strongly advise that you remain realistic about your ability to be able to compete within the stake levels that we suggest.

The method of clearing the poker bonus as fast as possible is better suited to more experienced players that are able to compete with the increased ability of the players playing at that level, otherwise you could lose the whole of your deposit before you reach all of the milestones, rendering the bonus worthless.

There is no limit on the timescale that you have to unlock the bonus, so if you are new to the game or just the online aspect of poker, take your time and maybe look to unlock the bonus in smaller tournaments or real money cash games.