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Lock Poker has undoubtedly the best poker bonus of any online poker room in the industry – a whopping 200% match on your first deposit of up to $4,000. This means that if you deposit $2,000 into your Lock Poker account, once you have earned the VIP Points which are required to redeem the bonus, you will have $6,000 in your account – even if you fail to win a penny cent at the tables.

It is just not the amount of the Lock Poker bonus which is so special, it is the time you have in which to clear it (90 days) and the fact that increments of the Lock Poker bonus are paid in units of $5.00 – so even if you do not clear the full $4,000 bonus, you will still not miss out of the best online poker bonus in the world!

Lock Poker Bonus Code Instructions


1. Download Lock Poker below:

Lock Poker Download

2. Click the Download button on the homepage of Lock Poker:

Lock Poker

3. Create account at Lock Poker and when making your first deposit add the Lock Poker bonus code THEFUTURE into the box like below:

Lock Poker Bonus Code


Clearing the Lock Poker Bonus

Like all other first deposit poker bonuses, at Lock Poker you have to earn VIP Points to release the increments of your bonus into your account. At Lock Poker, you have to collect 84 Points for each $5.00 of your bonus, but unlike many other poker sites there is a different points value awarded to tournament fees than there is for rake deducted at the table. This balances up the length of time players have to spend at the tables in order to redeem the maximum Lock Poker bonus as our examples below show.

Clearing the Lock Poker Bonus for Cash Players

When you are playing at the cash tables at Lock Poker, you are awarded 1 VIP Point for every $1.00 collected in rake from the table, divided by the number of players who have been dealt into that hand. Therefore, if you were playing on a $1.00/$2.00 and six players were dealt into the hand which finished with a pot of $30.00 being won – 5% would be deducted in rake ($1.50) which is worth 1.5 VIP Points, which would be divided among the six players at the table. Therefore, you would receive 0.25 VIP Points irrespective on how much you personally put into the pot.

With a Lock Poker deposit of for instance $1,000, if you were to follow standard bankroll management you should head to the 200/400 tables ($2.00/$4.00) and buy-in with the maximum $400.00. Lock Poker operates a “no-flop, no-drop” policy, so rake will only be taken from a hand if it is played beyond the flop. Even during non-peak hours you should be able to find a 6-max table at this level which sees 80 rakeable hands per hour with an average pot value of $60.00.

At these stake and hand levels, a total of $240.00 would be deducted in rake over the course of an hour, and the 240 VIP Points which are awarded for the rake are shared equally among the six players sitting at the table (40 VIP Points each – provided none were sitting out).  With a starting bankroll of $1,000, you would have the funds to open two tables when you start playing at Lock Poker and therefore be receiving 80 VIP Points per hour – just 4 points short of receiving your first $5.00 bonus.

We the help of a calculator we worked out that you would have to play for 420 hours over the 90 days qualifying period to redeem your full Lock Poker bonus – but we sliced that requirement in half by extending our calculations. We believe that in addition to receiving the 80 VIP Points for 1 hour of play, you would also receive $28.80 rakeback – and within 7 hours of playing on Lock Poker, your bankroll will have increased to $1,231 (rakeback and released bonus included) which is enough to open a third table and earn the VIP Points at a 50% faster rate.

After a further 9 hours of playing, a breakeven player would have seen their initial $1,000 Lock Poker deposit increase sufficiently to open a fourth table, and even if you did not go on to open more tables as your bankroll allowed (or increased the stake level you were playing at), you would have to play for fewer than 200 hours more to clear the full $2,000 Lock Poker bonus.

Clearing the Bonus for Tournament Players

Unlike many other online poker rooms which award the same number of points for fees paid to enter tournaments as rake deducted from the tables, Lock Poker makes clearing the bonus just as easy for tournaments players as it is for cash game players. Using the same example of a player who has deposited $1,000 in their Lock Poker account, this is how simple it is for online poker tournament players to redeem their $2,000 Lock Poker bonus.

We bent the bankroll management rules a little to facilitate our example and therefore instead of limiting himself to $50.00 tournaments, our player is going to take advantage of the $60.00+ $3.50 6-Max Double or Nothing Sit n Go games. This is because the majority of the Sit n Go tournaments with a $50.00 buy-in are heads-up hyper-turbos with a small tournament fee for which you will not receive many VIP Points. Our opinion is that most players on Lock Poker should be capable of managing sets of 2 Double or Nothing 6-Max Sit n Gos every 20 minutes.

With 7 Lock Poker VIP Points being awarded per $1.00 paid in tournament entry fees, our player would collect 147 VIP Points per hour – enough to clear the whole Lock Poker Bonus within 229 hours, without having to raise his stake level. This is practically the same commitment in time as is required from cash game players and although our tournament player is not going to benefit so much from rakeback, there is consolation in the extra value which exists in many of the Lock Poker guaranteed tournaments that fail to be fully subscribed.

Lock Poker Bonus Code Summary

The Lock Poker bonus is not simply a big number that the site felt would attract players; the clearing requirements have also been considered carefully to make the bonus fair and achievable. The volume of mid-high stakes players and the extended peak traffic (due to the presence of poker players from the US) allows more opportunities and more time in which to clear the Lock Poker bonus and there are good reasons for remaining loyal to the site once the bonus has been cleared.

In addition to the 36% rakeback that all players will receive irrespective of their VIP status, once you have redeemed the initial Lock Poker bonus, you would have collected sufficient points to take advantage of the “points for cash” exchange facility for a further $480.00. You would also have qualified for a $10,000 monthly freeroll and benefitted from other promotions depending on whether you attack the Lock Poker bonus as a cash player or from the tournament tables.

Remember, all this (and much more) is only available when you use the Lock Poker Bonus Code “THEFUTURE” when making your first deposit at Lock Poker through our links!

I have to say that i LOVE Lock Poker, the site is great looking, easy to use and the players on the site seem to want to fish their way to the final tables, benefiting me in almost all of my poker tournament play.

Your Lock Poker bonus was bang on the money and i will be recommending that my friends take advantage of the offer too!

Keep up the hard work guys!

Rating by MyDogHasNoNose: 4.5 stars

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